Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wrinkle Iron Anyone??

I am so excited! I have found a little gadget that is small enough to travel with and strong enough to make even the most mature skin look less puffy, more tight and overall...flat out fabulous. I am not keeping my mouth shut on this one. Check out more information here! http://www.beautymark.nsedreams.com/. I have women and men asking for more information on just what this wrinkle iron does. Well, short and sweet....here goes...

  • Lifts sagging skin Cleans out the pores

  • Improves under eye puffiness and dark circles

  • Hydrates and improves pore size

  • Builds confidence!!! (kind of like botox :-)

This gadget comes with different head pieces for the eyes, face, and body. The unit is able to help minimize cellulite, stimulate hair growth for those suffering from pre-mature hair loss.

This is the newest thing out right now. Don't sleep on this. Check out the website and contact me for more information. Clinical studies don't lie.

I'm in love....

Veronica J