Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lemon Lip Balm LOVE!!

How does it feel? AMAZING! When you have chapped lips that are dry and you can't seem to get them just right... C.O. Bigelow Lemon lip Balm to the rescue! I like to use this under my lipgloss to make sure that my application is even. It has lemon oil and lots of vitamin C to make sure your lips get the nutrients it needs to stay sexy and kissable!:) The lemon balm delivers a powerful aromatherapy that immediately puts a smile across your face. Lemon oil is calming and cleansing to the mind and spirit. Enjoy!



Falsies Mascara is my Homegirl!!!!!

I Love Falsies mascara from the local drugstore! Yeah! I said it! DRUGSTORE! I've always been a department store makeup shopping NINJA:) However, I've learned over the years that you've got to really research and shop deals because otherwise you'll miss out! Falsies is the best mascara that I have used in quite some time. It makes my lashes look ultra long and pretty it's under 6 bucks and it WORKS like a charm! If you are in in the market for your lash bling and can part with $5-6 then this is a great option for all you divas out there!


Loving me some Body Butter by Softsoap!

Hey guys and girls! Here is my new favorite body polish:) I can't tell you enough how amazing this polish feels! It's so sweet and soft and it smells YUMMY! My skin is always so soft right after using it! You can get this at your local drugstore for less than 5 bucks or even Walmart or "Wally World" as Kealah's mom says:) They have other scents too, like coconut I believe?? Anyway, go out and get some because it is a wonderful shower friend and your skin will love you for it!