Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shhhhh! It's my Face and my Lace!:)

These lovely DIVAs are rocking a lace front wigs..YES. THEY. CAN. If you look closely along the perimeter of the hairline you can see how symmetrical it is which is obviously not the way natural hairlines look.....but who likes natural these days anyway!? Lace front wigs have been around for "ages and ages and ages" (i love me some zoolander!..Yes i have ADD just deal with it:) Anyway, it wasn't until recently that the celebs and their hairdressers started dishing the details on how these ladies and sometimes *men* were getting these beautiful ever changing looks. It's a special hairpiece designed with a sheer lace base that allows the person to customize the wig to their actual head/face shape (it's glues along the hairline) and looks fierce. I love hair and I love beauty. I mostly just enjoy being able to express myself through my hair, fashion and makeup. Like WILLOW Smith sings, "I whip my hair back and forth." Long live the wigs and weaves!
Verocknit or DYE:) your hair of course!

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Yo, Can You Teach Me How To AMBER!?"

Amber Rose is BEAUTIFUL. She's an Abosolute 20. Her face has a warmth and confidence that you just don't find in many public figures. Generally, she wears sunglasses but I found this cute pix of her in designer specs to show off her beautiful EYES:) This girl has it down...she knows how to be seen. She's a style icon, Kanye West' Muse, designer, Model, Socialite and so much more to come. This beautiful Bold lip That Amber is sporting is excellent for the fashion forward "Verockint" (my little Verocknits that dare to be different) you basically need to buy the bold color...feel it and OWN THE HECK OUT OF THIS LOOK. You'll turns some heads but if you do it right you'll be a beautiful starlette in your own right. Amber Rose is just get on her level don't be stuck on old ish:) follow this Urban princess on twitter.
Peace and love my little VEROCKITS:)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"EYE" love this girl:)

Here's my girrrrllll. The one and to ONLY Kim K. She's totally my inspiration. She always looks hot and fierce and I think she's a live Barbie! I love this photo because of the nude but glossy lip. She brings it up a notch with the glamour intense lashes towards the corners and towards the bottom. The violet smokey lid really brings out her beautiful root beer eye color. How Hawt is she ladies and gents!? She's got some matte highbeam right above her cheeks to contour the bronzed cheekbones. The black eyeliner and bold but soft eyebrows sets this look off and make her ready for an evening out and about! We love you Kim! KISSES:)