Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Remember how happy we were when sonicare came out with those toothbrushes that rotated and vibrated and got your teeth super clean? Well, what if you could get that same technology from a facial cleansing brush?

You can! . This brush used with a cleanser of your choice can be used at home or in the treatment room if you are an esthetician to get skin clean like "Top of the Chrysler Building"....sorry I couldn't resist the urge to quote ANNIE, my favorite childhood movie.

I have my acne clients using this same brush to speed up dead skin cells and clear them up faster. It works. I've seem this magical beauty gadget in action.

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Stay beautiful and FRESH Til Death:)

Veronica J

Not your average BRUSH!

Mason Pearson, founder and engineer of these tiny "hair geniuses" invented the first model in the the late 1800s. The brushes use boar hair and in modern models include nylon bristles to detangle. Mason's rubber cushion brush designs have since evolved into a brand that won't stop. I LOVE my brush, there's nothing else like it on the market.

Stylist will find that this brush is wonderful to create the ultimate blow out. They are absolutely a must have and worth the $100 plus price tag, trust me. check them out and get your BRUSH ON!:)

I retail them too at my second home.. Tell them Veronica sent you.
Live.Love and all the fabulous dope stuff:)!

Veronica J, your official Beauty Expert!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


What you know about fabulous flawless and sexy tans? Well, if, you are thinking about those crazy 90s attempts at perfection...???? You are about to get the low down on how this beauty guru gets down...

In a word, I'm an ESTHETICIAN...but that really just means that I am a beauty fanatic that is always looking for the next best thing to make me and of course my beautiful clients look AMAZING. I've recently started customized spray tanning to help ladies get that beautiful bronzed look that you often see celebrities prancing around with. I have a great solution that smells tropical and looks and feels natural.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the job done right.
  • Shower and exfoliate every inch of your skin before your appointment.
  • Do not use and oil based scrub and do not moisturize prior to your tan
  • Make sure you are shaved or waxed prior to your tan
  • Wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment
  • Do Not shower for 12 hours after your spray tan
  • Do Not apply any lotions for 12 hours after your spray tan
  • Purchase a tan extender such as Jergans tan extender (found at the drugstore)
  • After 12 hours shower moisturize and begin using your tan extender
  • Remember swimming, exfoliating and exercise speed up the life a of a spay tan
  • Call your tanning specialist with any additional questions

I'm here to help you get your GLOW on! Let's do this!:)

Peace, love and all that beautiful stuff!

Veronica J

I'm A Benefit Girl!!!! Yippeeeeee!

As if my life was not already crazy enough, I also decided to join the Team in Roseville, California as a Eyebrow Specialist and makeup consultant. 916 771-3333. Life is beautiful right now! If I can make "it" pretty, I can smile before I sleep at night.

The "Brow Bar" is not just a quick place to get your eyebrows cleaned up. We are artist with a mission, t0 help the average woman create the same beautiful look that we give them. Makeup is a heavenly experience when used correctly. Don't wax without the help of and expert.

Please come on down and visit me, Veronica J, your official eyebrow expert!:)

Peace, love and beauty!

Veronica J