Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Youth...More Firming!

How would you like to have super protection against aging free-radicals and pollution? What about harmful rays from the sun that can cause damage to your already sensitive skin? Well, I'm fortunate to be able to work with a line so advanced and so clinical that I can provide this type of a product/serum to you! It's very exciting. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is a powerful cocktail of vitamin C and Vitamin E. This blend will help protect your skin against photo aging (sun spots) and the serum will build up collagen. In addition to all of this wonderful protection, it will provide your skin with unmatched antioxidant protection.
Now, this serum is not cheap one by any means, with a price tag of $138.00 for 30 ml. However, you actually get exactly what you pay for with this serum. Vitamin C is extremely hard to stabilize and this serum uses the only form of Vitamin C that our skin can actually accept, L-ascorbic acid. This means that this product has proven results through testing and research. It take time and money to create the perfect blend of "Youth in a Bottle". Doctors even stock this product.
Contact me for more information and a possible sample. Veronica at Byuti, 916-441-2000.
Veronica J

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

YUP! You know this!

Here is my favorite girl!! She always gets it right. I feel like I need a change with my I'm not saying that I am going to get all intense and shave the sides or anything but every girl has their moment where they ponder. I will figure out something. I definitely plan to go extremely black..I mean BLUE BLACK:) The reason why I love Rhianna is because she takes risk and that is very commendable especially when you have people watching your every move.

I get so frustrated with my hair sometimes..*Sigh*. I know it has to do with my mood like most women. I picked the photo above of "RI RI" because it's something I could see myself wearing. I've been washing and conditioning my hair with Mizani hair products I used to love them but lately I've been a little disappointed with them. In all fairness, I think it's because I need a new relaxer to tame this wild hair! I work at a salon and we carry Bumble & Bumble They have some AMAZING products and the stylist are extremely educated. When I run out of what I have, I'll be buying some of these products and I will blog about it.

Well, I feel better now! I needed to get all that out...whew! Take care my BYUTIFUL PEOPLE!

Veronica J

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello everyone! I'm so very happy to be back blogging. I have been ultra busy with school and work but I haven't stopped thinking about staying in touch! You can now reach me at my new Salon for all of your regular services. and the Phone number is 916 441-2000.

I'm still doing what I love, helping clients and friends Stay Beautiful! One new way that I am doing this is by Private Jewelry consulting! Check out the link, I'm scheduling one on one consulting to help you find your ultimate look or we can take it a step further and have you host a party. It's a fun way to get your friends over for a girl night in.

Thanks everyone for your patience during my move and my new schedule. I truly appreciate you more than you know!

Veronica J